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21 Dachshund Gifts - Unique Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

21 Dachshund Gifts - Unique Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

If you have a snuggly little wiener dog in your life and wish to show appreciation, these amazing dachshund gifts will make you smile! Do you have a dachshund lover in your life? Need ideas for a gift that will truly match the spirit of these charming little canines?

Dachshund Gifts

We've put together a list of all the most unique gifts that any doxie lover would be excited to receive. Once you're a doxie person, you're always a doxie person. Loyalty and love are common attributes for dachshund parents. Find something that really hits the mark below! 


Dachshund Gifts For Women

There are lots of good sausage dog gifts for women. Check out these super cute gift ideas to find the perfect dachshund gift!


Dachshund Lovers Shoes


Dachshund Flower Casual Shoes are the cutest and comfiest wiener dog shoes you'll ever find! Available in many sizes and on sneakers and high tops!  


Dachshund Tote Bag

Dachshund Flower Linen Tote Bag is a great item to take shopping, carry your belongings or even pack your books into. Crazy cute, sharp design and great material. 


Dachshund Flower Wallet Phone Case

The Dachshund Flower Wallet Phone Case is a really fun way to store and carry your phone. Has a clasp inside so you can secure your phone and push it up to take pictures. Includes RFID protection and fits most phones!


Dachshund Flower Socks

 Dachshund Flower Socks are such an easy gift to give. They were literally made for stocking stuffers. A perfect inexpensive dachshund gift for a sock lover and dachshund parent.


Dachshund Flower Tote Bag

This Dachshund Flower Tote Bag will blow you away with its leather-like texture, multiple compartments, and beautiful design.


Dachshund Handbag

This Dachshund Handbag is ideal for a night on the town or a great gift for a teenager that loves doxies. It includes a long shoulder strap and has multiple compartments for your phone, keys and other items.  


Dachshund Gifts For Men

Men love dachshunds too. We don't want to leave them out so we've listed a few of our favorite manly dachshund lovers items below. It's hard to pick our favorites!

These Dachshund Shoes are available in high top and low top. Husbands, boyfriends, and men, in general, can show off their love for their doxie without sacrificing their manhood!

We all love a comfy pair of socks, but what about Dachshund Socks? These fit both men and women, but a real man won't be ashamed to show his undying love for dachshunds with these stylish socks.

Next time you're heading to the pool or the beach for a swim, you'll get lots of attention wearing these Dachshund Aqua Barefoot Shoes. Perfect for a warm day, and perfectly acceptable for a guy to wear, these will undoubtedly make him smile!

These Starry Night Dachshund Shoes are perfect for the more refined gentleman. Is he into the arts or does he have a taste for style? These will be the perfect conversation starter for him.

What guy doesn't fully appreciate a pair of slip-on shoes? Comfortable, quick to put on/take off and dachshund themed? Sign me up! These Space Black Dachshund Shoes are the perfect birthday/Christmas gift for a guy that loves wiener dogs.

This All-Over-Print Dachshund Hoodie shouts "I love Dachshunds" to anyone that see's it. It's unmistakable, you'll be labeled as a doxie lover anytime you're donning this beauty. For guys that might not care for footwear, this is a great alternative and will get him noticed.


Dachshund Gifts For Your Car


Dachshund Flower Car Seat Covers


Dachshund Flower Car Seat Covers are a great way to show your passion for sausage dogs while you're driving your vehicle. Impress a friend or just get looks at the gas station with these amazing car seat covers. Comes as a set of 2.


Floral Dachshund Car Seat Covers


This Floral Dachshund Car Seat Covers is a great choice if you are obsessed with your fur babies and feel you need to share. Comes as a set of 2 and fits most vehicles!


Dachshund Decor and Accessories


Dachshund Flower Hooded Blanket


This Dachshund Flower Hooded Blanket is the ultimate comfort and warmth. Snuggle up on the couch and show of your love of Dachshunds with this big blanket.


Dachshund Flower Beach Blanket


Get all the looks at the beach sporting your Dachshund Flower Beach Blanket. Keep your beloved doxies close at hand while getting some rays at the beach.


Dachshund Flower Luggage Cover


This adorable Dachshund Flower Luggage Cover will make your trip through the airport a breeze! You'll get noticed in line for security and everyone will love how cute your luggage looks. Easy and quick installation with vibrant colors. Customize your luggage like never before.


Dachshund Pillow Covers

Add these Dachshund Pillow Covers to your sofa, couch or bed. With so many to choose from, you can match anything and have amazing cute dachshunds for your guests to enjoy when they are over.


Weenie Dog Gifts


Custom Dog Casual Shoes


What could be better than putting your babies faces on shoes? These Custom Dog Casual Shoes are fantastic. Just upload pictures of your dog's faces and we'll create a custom design just for you and print them on shoes. What could be better? Literally nothing!


Starry Night Dachshund Linen Tote Bag

This Starry Night Dachshund Linen Tote Bag is super cute and colorful. In the true spirit of fine art and Vincent Van Gogh, we have the starry night inspired dachshund design we see before us. Great for carrying your belongings and showing off to your friends.

Dachshund Flower Athletic Sneakers

Looking for some new sneakers or love to run? Check out these Dachshund Flower Athletic Sneakers. Available for men and women, lightweight, breathable mesh and of course, includes Dachshunds!


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